Effect of Botanical Pesticides & Eco-Friendly Management for Producing Quality Rice Seed.

Starting Date 2013-06-01
Ending Date 2015-06-01
Budget 680000 tk.
Fund Source GoB & FAO
Remark We have successfully completed this project.
Status Acomplised

Extremely poor & disadvantaged farmers.

Major Activities

1. Benchmark surveillance

2. Farmers selection and group formation

3. Counseling the farmers

4. Livelihood Skill promotion Training session conduction with the selected farmers

5. Technical support to the field preparation for quality seed production

6. Collection and preparation of botanical pesticides.

7. Quality pesticides distribution

8. Setting of demonstration in early Kharif- II and Rabi season to End of Kharif – II and

    Rabi season.

9. Data collection on growth and yield of each plot including control plot.

10. Analysis of Data

11. Reports preparation or submission.

Targeted people

120 farmers.



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